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The Social Network : The finest written movie in a long time

I loved the social network. I absolutely adored it. Looking back in hindsight I think it must have been because it made programming seem cool which I never thought was possible. Programming I thought was supposed to be a largely solitary activity with a geek hammering away at his keyboard but social network turned it into something else by showing the thought process behind it. It was cool the way Zuckerberg described the way he hacked into the all the systems as well. Do a wget. Just write a bash/perl script. Things, words I never thought would find their way into a film ever. The drinking sequence to choose the interns at facebook. The way Justin Timberlake played the flawed but incredibly charismatic Sean Parker(Remove the 'the', its cleaner). The way the Winklevoss Twins lost the rowing race with Hall of the mountain king playing as the background score. Brilliant. Probably my favorite cinematic moment of the year. Also they showed Zuckerberg using Linux on a sony va

On Villains

The villain is the one who drives the story. The hero you can be fairly certain of doing what's expected. With the villain you never know. Is he going to be merciful or is he going to seek vengeance. The villain is the one who keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, he is the one who keeps everyone off balance and that is why my friends the villain is the most important part of any story. Drake Frederick