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Ankit Saxena aka Saxena

So this goes out to one of my blood brothers(Another tribute to Iron Maiden and Springsteen) Ankit Saxena. For this epic I will be calling on the services of Avinash(Really must think of a cooler name for him), Punky, Suji. He is known as sexy, Saxena and any permutation on the S word. The standard disclaimer of everything being under exaggerated and nothing being coincidental still hold of course. This time around I have an excuse to write this piece which is our batch's yearbook(This is apparently someone's twisted idea to ensure that everyone has an excuse to write about someone else) So if God were to Saxena this is what he would say "Ok Black Water and Park, Give him brains, Yeah that amount should be fine. Now make him short no not that short you morons aah its perfect now. Now make him addicted to playing games and nagraj comics. What do you mean he doesn't look it. Do what I am telling you. I am god and you are supposed to listen to me" Saxena is a chamele