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Another note on placements

This was a comment I wrote on facebook in response to the comment thread that was going on in Pratik Vimal's thread. This post is just a way to preserve it and make it easier to read. I would say that placements are quite random. It is difficult to be sure of cracking a process. Of course preparation, CPI, extra currics help but quite often it comes down to luck. Also the placement team does get placed quite well from my experience. As far the placement of the OPC goes I think eventually everyone manages to do quite well even if the campus placements do not pan out. I guess ultimately one has to do what one likes and is passionate about. If people like Synchro so be it, work in Synchro. If you want to work in the placement team do that. Counselling service draws a lot of flak and a lot of it is justified but if someone is really passionate about it then carry on. If someone likes to study then study by all means but keep interacting with your batchmates at all times. I guess compan