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Places to eat in Kanpur

Our real exploration of Kanpur began in our 5th year when we had our stipend to spend so hopefully this article will prove helpful to all the foodies out there. Surprisingly(and I really mean this) there are a number of terrific places to eat in Kanpur. Hopefully this article will prove helpful to many who are looking forward to spend their stipends. By far the best way to reach places to eat in Kanpur is to catch the bus that the institute provides. The bus runs everyday(except Sunday) at 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The bus returns at around 10:15 pm. Murgi(Our food and snacks Coordinator, every wing should have one) always takes the phone number of the conductor so that he can stay updated about where the bus is and so that the return is convenient. The bus service is really a life saver and unless you have a bike should be the first option. It is also better to roam during weekdays than weekends simply because there is lesser ruckus everywhere. Going to a restaurant on a weekend is an ab

A Dual Monitor Setup.

Been in the lab for the last week or so. That’s far lesser than others. Now the lab has 22 inch monitors. The best thing about this is that you connect your laptop to it and set it up so that its as if you have multiple monitors rather than just as a projector. Windows 7 and ubuntu make this ridiculously simple but unfortunately XP doesn’t. Windows 7 makes it so simple that you actually have to check the instructions to make sure that what you did was right. In layman terms what this means is that I can watch From Dusk till dawn while I write this post and its great.(For Siddiqui this means that he can compile Latex on one screen while watching it being rendered on another. I suppose this will be of some use later on for me as well). I will definitely make it a point to buy two monitors (even three perhaps) once I get out of this place(which is soon I hope, have to get done with this thesis business). A huge monitor also makes it a total pleasure to read comics. All the art and the