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Antifragile by Nicholas Nassim Taleb

Been a while since I wrote a book review. Truth be told nothing I read perked my interest in the last two months but Taleb's Antifragile  changed that. Antifragile is his latest tour de force and it is his finest work yet and the logical culmination of what I would like to call the Randomness trilogy. In fooled by randomness Taleb talked about assigning causes where none exist and how to take advantage in day to day life. In The Black Swan he spoke of events that while improbable had great impact and in Antifragile he talks about how to maximize the upside of random events while minimizing the harm. Antifragile is well written as always with Taleb's personality jumping off the pages. His insights are particularly engaging and there are numerous talks on youtube in which he talk about Antifragility. The thesis as with all great works is remarkably simple and seems obvious and intuitive once you get it. He essentially defines Antifragile as not fragile. Fragility