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Announcing Personal Keys for the web -

Annoucement This is to announce another small little project I have been working on. If thats enough to get your attention then have a look at  or . Longer Annoucement Essentially all it does is allow you to create short urls for yourself. The problem I was trying to solve was there were some websites which I accessed frequently enough that I wanted to do so with a few keystrokes. I have found it quite useful and so I decided to make it such that everyone can setup their personal accounts with their own short keywords. If you are know about linux then you can think of these as aliases for the web. If this piques your interest go to I have taken the liberty of adding a few defaults such as gmail, facebook and techmeme to get you started. They can be accessed using and  which get activated the first time you login It will ask you to login using your

KBookSearch now has a chrome extension

KBookSearch now has a chrome extension. Try it out  here As usual this happened when I was trying to solve a problem that hampered the book search experience. Amazon is a great place to look for books but there is no way to know what the prices are like in India so this extension lets me know what the prices are with a click of the button. Here is a screenshot. Its simple, easy to use, very very functional and should just work wherever books are sold. The experience might actually be better than using KBookSearch itself.

How to setup as a search engine on chrome

The best way to use this I find is to set this up as a search engine of Chrome with a keywords of its own. Here is an image that explains the process. The short version is below 1) Fire up Chrome Settings (A button on the extreme right in chrome) 2) Go to Manage Search Engines Add the following Name --> KKey Keyword --> d (I find 'd' nice because its easily accessible on the keyboard) URL with %s in place of query --> or which is more reliable 3)Save This is what it should like once you are finished Now you should have things all setup. If you now hit d  on the Chrome Omnibar you can hit ' m ' or any keyword that you choose. If they keyword exists it will take you to the page otherwise ask you to add the keyword.