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On Superheroes

Superman is Superman, Clark Kent is the disguise. Everyone else grew into their roles. Superman was born Superman. If the above seems strange, imagine this. What would it be like if you had a predisposition towards something, an innate talent so to speak and you discovered it the moment you were born. Life would be completely different. You would look at everything through those lenses. (If you find this far fetched, imagine the difference between learning a skill as a kid and when you grow up). Batman is a strange case though. I would argue that both Batman and Bruce Wayne are disguises. The real Batman/Bruce Wayne is the one in his secret lair applying his intelligence to the problems at hand. I suppose only Alfred ever gets to see the real Bruce Wayne. People usually consider Superman to be the more genial of the two but I sometimes wonder if that is really the case. It is an easy characterization to make I suppose because of his methods. His gift of flight, his blue and red suit. C

On Words and People

There are certain words that you associate with people. So much so that the word and the person in question become inseparable. If someone asked me define Charisma I could try everything I wanted but probably the simplest answer that I could give is that if you don't know what Charisma is have a look at Steve Jobs. There is another word that evokes the same sense. Consider the word Swagger. What would you define it as? Impertinence, indifference towards the opponent, a certain aura or just downright confidence. All these fall by the wayside when you watch Viv Richards sauntering out to the crease from the pavilion with a bat in hand and no helmet of course. When you watch him bat you know what Swagger is. I suspect there are many more words of this kind and I look forward to finding them.