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Samit Basu-The Gameworld Trilogy

So this goes out to Samit Basu one of the finest writers of this generation. (Notice that I didn’t add Indian to the phrase) I remember picking up the first part of Samit Basu’s Gameworld trilogy The Simoqin Prophecies at a book store which has now sadly been closed(It was one of those book cafes that open along with CCDs and Nirulas). The book was languishing amongst the other scifi/fantasy titles in a corner and surprisingly the book had received little marketing but nonetheless the book piqued my curiosity. Reading the back cover I decided to give the book a shot. (Besides the title seemed really cool) Little did I know what was in store. The book turned out to be a  gem, plain and simple, written with such playfulness, such wit that one struggles to comprehend how something like this even saw the light of day. The trilogy can be read on many levels and enjoyed on each one of them. Kind of like Asterix and Obelix which have these goofy physical gags but also abound with r

Sister Week

This post comes about because my sister put up a status on facebook stating that if your sister makes life interesting and fun copy this so I decided to go one up and write something about my sisters considering the fact that I have three of them along with numerous cousins and they definitely do make life interesting. Only Sisters could come up with a concept of a Sister week rather than a sister day or no sister day at all. Well if God were to make sisters this is what he would say. “Ok Kronos and Quartet, first and foremost make them a little dumb. Oh and they should be phobic to maths. Now do this next step extremely carefully. Make them unable to understand technology of any kind, but they should use facebook in copious amounts each day though. In fact make them addicted to facebook.(See God knows everything that is about to happen so he knows that facebook is bound to exist sometime). Oh yes and they should also have a irrevocable belief in my existence which their brothers dis

Clint Mansell

You know most of the time surfing on the net is pointless. Finding good stuff is hard. Its very rare to have these what I would like to call as WTF moments where you are totally blown away. So yesterday like all nights I was surfing merrily away checking out the wiki page of Iron Maiden which I do many times a day. I saw a live album that I had not heard titled Death on the Road. Upon searching for death on the road a track called Death is the road to awe showed up and I opened up the video. It started up slow. “This isn’t that great” I thought. Movie soundtracks are hard to get right but then the violins came in and by the end I was hooked. I had one of those WTF moments. I found that this scored by a guy named Clint Mansell and thought to myself “Who the fuck is he?”. Of course Wikipedia is a friend when you need information. After this I proceeded to listen to more of Clint Mansell’s stuff and was totally blown away to say the least. This guy is an absolute genius. In fact