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The Coldest War by Ian Tregillis

The Coldest War is the second part of the Milkweed trilogy and it is fantastic. The Coldest War takes place twenty years after the events of Bitter Seeds the first book in the cycle and this is not a book that can be gotten into without reading the first one. Whatever tragedy has been setup in the first one comes to fruition. Raybould Marsh, a hero of the war leaves the service only to get nothing in return but more misery. William the warlock begins his own personal vendetta and the military proceeds to carry out more dastardly deeds for the protection of the Great Britain. Even more than the first book, this part belongs to Gretel who is probably one of the most intimidating villains to grace the page manipulating everyone to her needs and ends and It all comes to head in a wondrous climax which makes perfect sense in hindsight but is difficult to predict whilst reading. There is odes of well orchestrated action all of which is beautifully setup but the overall atmosp

Comics the pefect art form

Films are passive, you sit, watch and action happens. Novels are great but what the writer sees is not the image formed in your head.(This is a major benefit as well though) Comics combine both, the thrill of turning the pages and seeing what the writer sees at the same time. You get to fill the gaps between sequential art.