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Roger Federer

Well this goes out to that Artisan among Artisans, Roger Federer. The first time I saw Federer play was in 2001 against Pete Sampras. Sampras was no longer the same. Age had taken its toll but he was still the best server in the game and on grass still the toughest to beat. Federer matched him serve for serve, shot for shot but he was still rough around the edges. Yet it was plain to see that the guy had class. Every moment of his seemed effortless. He didn’t seem to move fast and yet he was. His strokes were hit with grace but had every inch the power that other players mustered. Of course I didn’t make this analysis at the time. I was too busy watching. Eventually Federer did beat Sampras in five sets only to lose to Ivanesevic in the next round but that match showed what a talent this guy was. Mind you Federer rising was no accident. He had been marked for greatness since winning the Junior Wimbledon. It was only a question of when. Few would have predicted him breaking a

The placement experience

Well I think the title pretty much summarizes what the goal of this post is. The placement experience was a pretty tense period. In fact I haven’t been this tense since a long time. It was probably because I had an off campus process with Google and despite doing well things did not work out. More than anything I guess what the placement process teaches you is that Life is not fair and that sometimes luck matters more than ability. I already knew the above having seen the placement up close last year as Overall Placement Coordinator but experiencing it myself was a totally different experience. The difference was much more than I had imagined it to be. To be fair, I think I was well prepared for the placement process. I had decided that I want to get a technical job and so wouldn’t apply to the other firms. Being in computer science I could take that decision. Looking back perhaps Himanshu and me were the unlikeliest people to take this stance because we had been amongst the most

Ankit Saxena aka Saxena

So this goes out to one of my blood brothers(Another tribute to Iron Maiden and Springsteen) Ankit Saxena. For this epic I will be calling on the services of Avinash(Really must think of a cooler name for him), Punky, Suji. He is known as sexy, Saxena and any permutation on the S word. The standard disclaimer of everything being under exaggerated and nothing being coincidental still hold of course. This time around I have an excuse to write this piece which is our batch's yearbook(This is apparently someone's twisted idea to ensure that everyone has an excuse to write about someone else) So if God were to Saxena this is what he would say "Ok Black Water and Park, Give him brains, Yeah that amount should be fine. Now make him short no not that short you morons aah its perfect now. Now make him addicted to playing games and nagraj comics. What do you mean he doesn't look it. Do what I am telling you. I am god and you are supposed to listen to me" Saxena is a chamele