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Murgi’s fun facts

This one goes out to Mrigank Gupta aka Murgi. Murgi is such an awesome dude that even Chuck Norris and Rajnikanth can’t hold a candle to him. Below are Some facts that are indeed facts When Murgi was an infant he changed his own diapers Murgi was born toilet trained Murgi is actually the eldest in his house. He let the others enter this world before him When Murgi was born he got his own birth certificate from the doctor’s office Murgi never sits idle. He is just pretending to be like us Murgi never listens to excuses on the phone. He simply tells you what to do and disconnects. When Murgi will finally take a vacation the world will stop spinning While Chuck Norris counted to infinity twice, Murgi had already finished counting thrice and was solving everyone else's problems. Natural selection does not apply to Murgi. (Courtesy Ikka) Murgi caught an electron at rest.(Courtesy Ikka) When Arthur Eddington was asked if he really believed there were just three peop

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

What is about the holocaust that makes whatever is set in them usually a masterpiece. It may be the fact that these most extreme circumstances bring out both the best and worst in people or is it the fact that the characters are usually on the precipice of a moral quandary at all times. Is it because of the fact that  no piece of imagination could conjure up death on such a horrific scale. Maybe its because we know that the story is truth and the fiction is just a layer on top of it. Whatever be the case, stories in the holocaust are usually profoundly moving(with the notable exception of The Reader which was just plain rubbish). The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is another book set in the holocaust. Death is the narrator, and one might even say the one with the most work in Nazi era Germany. The book tells us the tale of a young girl named Liesel through the eyes of Death. She discovers a book at the scene of her brother’s death. Her foster father teaches her to read and soon she