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How everyone became a vampire

I am a vampire. One of the nicer ones I happen to think. As I write this I have a glass of warm blood mixed with one of Single Malts that I enjoy drinking. I am a lucky one as well. I got converted when I was at my absolute physical peak, so now when I have to feed I try to target people who are fit. Imagine being an immortal oldie. Too old to move, to feed but staying alive no matter what. I have seen a few of those. I am also a scientist so after the initial shock of finding out that Vampires exist and finding out that I was one myself I rather enjoyed it. I was immortal. I hated the sun so I didn't miss that much. I would work in the night. My senses were sharper than before and I entered some of the most productive time of my life doing path breaking research. I picked out patterns where none were thought to exist. I discovered a cure of diabetes, those sons of bitches at the pharmaceutical companies tried to screw me but I managed to find my way to CEO's home. Scare