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Sister Week

This post comes about because my sister put up a status on facebook stating that if your sister makes life interesting and fun copy this so I decided to go one up and write something about my sisters considering the fact that I have three of them along with numerous cousins and they definitely do make life interesting. Only Sisters could come up with a concept of a Sister week rather than a sister day or no sister day at all.

Well if God were to make sisters this is what he would say. “Ok Kronos and Quartet, first and foremost make them a little dumb. Oh and they should be phobic to maths. Now do this next step extremely carefully. Make them unable to understand technology of any kind, but they should use facebook in copious amounts each day though. In fact make them addicted to facebook.(See God knows everything that is about to happen so he knows that facebook is bound to exist sometime). Oh yes and they should also have a irrevocable belief in my existence which their brothers dispute. Make them fans of a really dumb series called Twilight. Aah and make them religious despite the fact that religion will abuse them more than anything else in their life.”

You know sisters have this uncanny ability to believe that they drive really well. I guess they get this belief from the fact that if there is a single ditch on an otherwise empty and perfectly fine road, they will drive straight into it while everyone else will swerve around it.

Sisters also have an extremely small appetite. They eat a bit and go, I am full and stuffed. For some reason McDonalds is their favorite place to eat. Sisters also like to feed their brothers with food that they make and this is something that I greatly appreciate.

Sisters also like to go temples or any religious place. They might be cool otherwise, extremely so unless its tuesday and time to go to a Mandir.  They might follow the latest trends in everything but this is something they cannot avoid. Also they might laugh at all the elders for watching soaps but they will watch the same nonetheless with religious zeal.

Another interesting fact is the decorative instinct that Sisters seem to have. Most boys have copies written with a single colored pen in bad hand writing but sisters really care about this. Their copies are neat and clean and have at least 5 different colors with which they are written. They may copy the homework but they will still get more marks than the one they copied from(I am assuming that they get the notebook from a guy because sisters seldom share homework with other sisters). They also allow teachers to affect them on an emotional level and take everything said very seriously. Sisters also treat holiday homework and assignments of the arty kind with a fanaticism bordering on craziness.

Quotes by sisters

“I don’t understand how this works” (This is after a one hour explanation )

“Ok how do I install this” (The installation might be a one click process but that doesn’t really matter)

“Twilight is my favorite book” (Although strictly speaking this isn’t true about mine)

“Help the language on my ipod changed automatically” (True incident, I swear to god)

“I can’t open facebook”

“He He I did something, let me update that on something on facebook so that millions of guys can comment on it”

“Aaj mandir jana hai”

Drake on sisters

“Fuck, Another post on facebook”

“You are reading Mills and Boon again”

“Rehene do, Kal dukaan main de dena. Woh theek kar dega”(This is with reference to a laptop which Chintoo was trying to get his sister to fix before finally giving up)

“Fuck, they really think Edward looks good”


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