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How everyone became a vampire

I am a vampire. One of the nicer ones I happen to think. As I write this I have a glass of warm blood mixed with one of Single Malts that I enjoy drinking. I am a lucky one as well. I got converted when I was at my absolute physical peak, so now when I have to feed I try to target people who are fit. Imagine being an immortal oldie. Too old to move, to feed but staying alive no matter what. I have seen a few of those.

I am also a scientist so after the initial shock of finding out that Vampires exist and finding out that I was one myself I rather enjoyed it. I was immortal. I hated the sun so I didn't miss that much. I would work in the night. My senses were sharper than before and I entered some of the most productive time of my life doing path breaking research. I picked out patterns where none were thought to exist. I discovered a cure of diabetes, those sons of bitches at the pharmaceutical companies tried to screw me but I managed to find my way to CEO's home. Scared him a bit with the vampirish things that I could do. The next day things were taken of. That made me a billionaire and so I became a rich vampire bastard. The first thing that I ended up buying was a blood bank. I had myself an endless supply of blood and that is worth more to me than anything else.

Before I was rich the only part that reviled me was the actual feeding. Once a week I would have to skulk off into the dark, find an innocent bystander, attack them and drink their blood just to survive. Most of the ones I attack don't survive. The vampire virus either kills you or makes you stronger.

I know my dear reader that you reviled by the feeding but it really is a normal way to consume nutrients and survive. Don't pretend to think you are any different. Have you ever felt thirst, not simple thirst but thirst when all you want in the world is a drop of water, when you would do anything, absolutely anything for that drop. I am sure most of you have not but since I became a vampire, blood is water for me and the blood banks are my most closely guarded secret and possessions.

You see vampires are better than humans in every respect. We live forever, all we need is blood preferable human but mammal blood will do as well. But human blood is addictive, the first time I drank it after I tried animals I understood exactly what causes tigers to become manhunters. The only thing that scares us is the sunlight but I am sure we will evolve past that. Mirrors pose another quandary. Few people roam about carrying stakes that they will stab you in the heart with but for some reason mirrors don't notice our existence at all and you don't really realize how widespread mirrors are until you are invisible in them. Think about it, they are in bathrooms, in hotels, in restaurants. They are so common that you non vampires don't really notice them consciously. The mirror is what killed my ability to travel to dine out because I would never be visible. People are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary and this they noticed. Even after I became a billionaire I could barely move out for fear of being spotted and becoming known.

This all changed when I converted a Sally Hawkins. She was a beauty and for a second I thought that Twilight(If you don't remember what they are dear Reader, they are books that made vampires pale reflections of what they are really capable of) had happened in real life. But the actual events turned out to be quite different  and a surprise. There was nothing long drawn about it. I didn't protect her. On one of my hunts(for which I feel the urge now and then I admit, everything tastes better after the thrill of the chase). Most humans fought but she didn't resist. Sally just offered her neck. I converted her and she thanked me for it(once she came to her senses, she just barely managed to survive the virus). It was her idea to come out into the open. She said Vampires should be candid about who they are. A few might get burnt but overall humans would adapt as they have adapted to everything else and since I was a rich bastard I had nothing to worry about.

I told Sally that she was wrong but she turned out be right. Many many vampires died but soon there was a movement similar to the one that was carried out to abolish slavery, the movement that gave gay people equal rights. Her presence, charm and marketing made it respectable to be a vampire and more importantly fashionable to be a vampire. People were claiming to be vampires all over the place. We were everywhere and some of us were surprisingly well off. If people could be believed there was a vampire in every company of the Fortune 500. The president's aides had some vampires as well. I guess being sharper and physically stronger does help. If you remember the gay movement from your time you will recall how widespread denunciation gave way to acceptance and equal social rights. By now vampires were everywhere and they were open about it. This changed a lot of things. Since vampires were far more gifted physically, they came to dominate sports. Mentally we were inexhaustible. No diseases affected us. We were at the tipping point now.

I suppose the transition really occurred when a Chinese parent got themselves and their kid Chung Fa converted. In a nation where where any sort of competitive advantage led to a richer and better life this was a revelation. They became outcasts but they were better than anyone else. Their kid was sent to every conceivable class and no human child in China could beat him. The trend took up in India where matrimonial columns started mentioning Vampires as a requirement and caused dowry prices to go up. There were protests of course but by now the humans could do nothing. They were too few and too weak.

Chung played table tennis and his videos became viral sensations. Even by Chinese standards he was an extraordinary player. I remember he defeated the then world champion in his teens barely losing a point and without breaking a sweat, his movements were a blur to the naked eye, a proud moment for all vampires. They had to use the cutting edge motion cameras just to see how he moved and hit the ball.

Soon improved athletes began cropping up all over the place and challenging the establishment. All sports changed. All the athletes changed themselves because they could not compete otherwise.

Vampire spread like a plague. Everyone wanted to be one and when everyone wanted to be one, I managed to isolate the vampire virus. I got rid of its harmful effects and soon the survival rate became nearly a 100%. Parents began using at as a vaccine on kids. There were programs to help it spread. All the rich were now vampires. Those who couldn't pay were getting bitten because life was no longer worth living if you weren't a vampire. I became richer than I ever was. I indulged myself and science continued to fascinate me endlessly.

Everyone is now a vampire, everyone.

What do we do about the blood you ask. We grow cattle, pigs. Slay them, get their blood by the dozens. Although nothing is as good as the humans we manage. Another scientist managed to add preservatives, flavors to blood to make it more potable and taste better. Blood is now available like coke once was, it is an ingredient of every single delicacy.

Of course it is rumored that some vampires still keep humans trapped as slaves, as animals. Keep them fed and use them for blood. I am one of those. Some things are best kept natural I believe. I treat them well but I have no illusions of what they are to me.


Abhinav Mittal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhinav Mittal said…
Just one word...AwesomemAXX..

you truly have a knack for writing such brilliant pieces...mazaa aa gaya..
Kartik Kaipa said…
ha ha thanks :). Everything about this just worked.

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