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The stuff I enjoyed in 2012

Here is a list of the stuff that I enjoyed in 2012 analogous to the one I did in 2011. Thinking about a reason to do this I can only quote Kurt Vonnegut as the answer

“And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.” 

China Mieville Bas Lag rereads - I read all of Mieville again and I was amazed at how much I had missed the first time around. The Scar totally transformed itself into a bravura performance. Perdido and Iron Council embedded themselves in my consciousness. Thanks to knowing the big picture and the plot details I could really dive deep into his writing, his choice of words and get lost in the amazingly rich and intricate world of Bas Lag.

Nick Harkaway - Both his books Angelmaker and Gone Away World were fantastic to put it mildly. The verve, imagination and the sheer  brilliance of the storytelling blew me away. Angelmaker was a fascinating read melding so many elements into a seamless whole. Gone away world had a climax that shook me up when it finally happened, even though I was expecting it.

Chinaman -  Its about Sri Lanka seen through the eyes of a cricket loving 60 year old whisky addict. This is a great read full of wicked humour. If cricket fascinates you even mildly pick this up.

Octane Twisted - A stellar dvd that captures Porcupine tree playing The Incident. Everything about this is great. You are doing yourself a disservice if you have not heard Porcupine Tree yet.

Get all you deserve - Another concert but this is Steven Wilson's solo project. A brilliant showcase for a musician at the peak of his powers.

Life of pi - A great film with amazing visuals and a great soundtrack. I never imagined that such a big budget hollywood film could be made with a primarily Indian Cast. A novel that I thought would be hard to film translated beautifully to flim.

Cloud Atlas - The novel by David Mitchell was brilliant containing six spell binding stories collapsing on top each other. That the Wachowski brothers decided to make a film out of it was insanely ambitious. The result was a great film with some amazing performances by a recurring cast of characters.

There will be blood - Technically this film was released in 2007 but I really did enjoy watching this. Daniel Day Lewis gives what is probably the greatest performance of his career.

Make good art - This is a commencement speech by Neil Gaiman. Its a striking one right up there iwth the one Steve Jobs did. Beautifully written and delivered with a great deal of wit and charm.

Farnam Street - Contains  some of the best curated intellectually stimulating stuff on the internet.

and thats it for the year that went away never to return.


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The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence

What a great read this turned out to be.  I was completely engrossed and fascinated. Jorg Ancrath starts of as a young prince who wants to get his throne back, get back everything he has lost and most importantly get revenge and he is prepared to do anything to achieve his aims. The thing is that Jorg Ancrath is a despicable violent bastard. He does things that should curdle your blood. But despite all of it, Jorg's voice is compelling. I couldn't help but put myself in his shoes. For most of the trilogy I was Jorg Ancrath even through his dastardly deeds(especially through his dastardly deeds). There was a part of me that couldn't help identifying with his ruthless streak of getting what he wants no matter what the cost. I have yet to find another character who embodies "The end justifies the means" more than Jorg Ancrath. The world itself set on an Earth of the far future. (Similar to the dying earth series by Jack Vance and Book of the new sun by Gene

On Hans Zimmer

I have been listening to quite a lot of soundtracks lately. Two composers in particular stand out, Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell. I have written about Clint Mansell over here . Hans Zimmer has somehow managed to score a lot of my favorite movies including Inception, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight , the Gladiator, Sherlock, Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few. In fact chances are that if there is a movie's score you like in the last decade its by Zimmer.(Apart from Lord of the rings of course :)) The thing about Zimmer though is that he is able to deliver even in movies that are not particularly good. Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons come to mind immediately which feature some great violin solos courtesy Joshua Bell. Here are a few of my favorite tracks. Put your headphones on and listen. Discombulate from Sherlock Red Warrior from The Last Samurai Time from Inception Jack Sparrow's Theme Science and Religion from Angels and Demons

Announcing the first part of the Karna trilogy

Finally after a lot of procrastination and some hard work the novel is done or at least the first part of it. Its about Karna in the Mahabharata. It also revolves around Kunti. From my reading experience Karna is highly readable and is short as well. (Novella length). You can read the whole book online here or if you want to get the pdf/epub for your reading devices you can get them from Leanpub Let me know what you think of Karna Part One. Two more parts are on their way.